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BH Woodpecker is a Bosnian company founded in 2022 in Breza, not far from Sarajevo. Being a part of this industry is truly a story of something beautiful. Helping people tell their own story in a creative way makes us extremely happy.

Primarily, the activity we are engaged in is the production of final wood products that contain elegant lines, architectural structures, exciting shades to turn your home into a space you adore.

With everything we produce from the imagined to the modern derived, we focus on simple geometric shapes, rather than the heavy decorations that are usually found in traditional or contemporary furniture.

By ensuring the high quality of products that BH Woodpecker values as a key success factor for the company’s growth, it resulted in us gaining the trust of both domestic and foreign customers in a short time. In addition to the domestic market, we were trusted by customers from Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland…

FSC Certificate

Enjoying our own desires, we forgot that everything we have comes from nature, and on that basis, Bhwoodpecker is the owner of the FSC certificate (FSC certification means that the forest is treated according to strict ecological, social and economic standards.)

BH Woodpecker wants to create unique and timeless products and we firmly believe that everyone deserves good design!

– high quality material
– 100% solid wood
– environmental standards
– FSC certificate


Šaš 190, Breza 71370


Mon-Fri: 8 am – 4 pm